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since 2017


Retail and Product Launch Campaign

  • 1 Retail Launch Campaign, 3 Product Launch Campaigns, 17 Language and Brand Adaptations

    Sonova’s Audiological Care unit launched three product innovations across 17 brands worldwide. The new products included – among other features – the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid as well as personalized health data tracking.

    Our mission was to develop one creative concept that would unite three out-of-store product launches under one retail campaign.


  • Creative Concept

    Our concept shows consumers in everyday situations while fully enjoying the two main benefits of their products – unrivaled sound quality combined with waterproofness or health tracking. We used cut-out bubbles as design elements to highlight the sound source and the person enjoying the sound, thus giving the individual product campaigns a harmonious look. The modular design provides flexibility for language and brand adaptations.

    All assets contain the overarching campaign message “More than just hearing aids”, while individual headlines underline the product-specific innovations.

  • Production

    In a three-day shoot across six locations in and around Zurich we produced six campaign key visuals, six campaign short clips as well as 33 additional images for further corporate communication purposes.

  • Global Toolkit

    Our key visuals and short clips were the basis for all master assets in English for each product:

    • Landing Pages
    • HTML5 banners – animated and still
    • Social ads – animated and still
    • Newsletters
    • Website headers
    • Posters
    • Direct mailings
    • Copywriting for landing pages, social ads (including A/B testing), newsletters and direct mailings

    With almost 2’000 assets we provided no less than 17 language and brand adaptations for 15 countries, incorporating the individual CI guidelines.

  • Credits

    Client: Sonova
    Photography: Sven Germann
    Videography: Anthony Tache
    Producer: Daniela Berther