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since 2017


Performance Campaign

  • Peak Performance for Swiss Carsharing

    For our client Mobility we created an online performance campaign for the products Testabo, Click & Drive and E-Scooter. For this campaign we created visuals and headlines for different user types. The stills, animations and banners were displayed in online media throughout Switzerland.

  • Put it to the test

    For the more progressive carsharing users we came up with an emotional and performance-driven visual – an engine heart – created in 3D. The scenery of the video shoot embraces the passionate yet independent driver.

  • Pure driving pleasure

    This set of visuals appeals to those who pursue a sustainable lifestyle and who want to combine the best of both worlds.


  • Always there when you need it

    To demonstrate the pragmatic aspect of Mobility’s services, we ceated a 3D visual which shows that you can have it all without ownership. In the shooting, we fucused on everyday situations where the use of a vehicle comes in handy.

  • The commuter’s best friend

    The perfect combination to a commute to the city, Mobility gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule. This is why we built the visuals inside an environment for commuters – from train station to timetable.

  • Brand Tag-On

    To give this campaign a special brand polish, we combined the logo with corresponding associations. This way you can immediately see what’s behind the message.

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