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since 2017

Catch a Car

Online Campaigns & Web Design

  • Making a Smashing Hit

    In order to stand out from the crowd with an online campaign, it was necessary to generate strong visuals that create and provoke a wow effect, both static and animated. We created the 3D “Smash Car” with provocative headlines that tease the big shots.

  • Refreshing Web Design

    With formative style elements such as silhouettes and icons we gave Catch a Car a new coat of paint. The challenge was to ensure recognizability and to create visuals that could be used in the long term and across all topics. At the same time, we optimized the navigation so that visitors could find the answers to their questions as quickly as possible.

  • Creating a Performance Campaign

    Within the framework of a performance marketing campaign, we developed a matrix of headlines, key visuals and mood worlds that works on all proposed advertising spaces and simultaneously addresses different target groups. We translated this matrix into assets that were used from landing pages to social media to Google display ads.

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