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since 2017

AudioNova Hearing Protection

Launch Brochure and POS Videos

  • Overarching Design for a New Product Line

    Our client Sonova globally launched a new Hearing Protecion portfolio under their brand AudioNova. We were asked to develop and design a brochure covering eight different products. The conception included copywriting, image research as well as the creation of graphics which visually summarize the topic hearing protection under one umbrella.

  • The AudioNova Hearing Protection brochure highlights the advanced filter technology used in the products. It furthermore educates readers to understand how hearing can be damaged and protected.

  • Educational Videos for POS

    Based on our design concept for the launch brochure, we created videos for each of the eight products. These videos include sound samples with and without Hearing Protection to demonstrate the difference and quality of sound in daily situations. The range covers noise generated while sleeping, travelling on a plane, working in an office, listening to music, working outdoors, hunting, swimming or while being exposed to roaring motors. The videos were produced in eleven languages.

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